Welcome to Auntmama’s Website!

What are you going to find here? All things story and many of them are full of hope, home and heart.

Auntmama’s great-niece Paige started asking for family stories and the tales have not stopped. “All of them are true,” Auntmama  says, “even the ones I imagine.” That’s a line Auntmama stole from great great great uncle Samuel Clemmons and for sure, there is a Mark Twain story.

Fans of KBCS.FM have come to love Auntmama’s weekly stories connecting the past with the future to a highly diverse audience. The twenty-something’s hear history for the first time. Baby boomers share a common understanding of American life of the past five generations. “I know these stories, it sounds just like the neighborhood I grew up in,” Mr. Holbrook of Mukilteo, Wash., called to say. Seattle weekly newspaper “The Stranger” has called Moorman “authentic without being cheesy” and KBCS’s American Music Director says:

“I know a good song when I hear one.  For me there is almost an immediate physical reaction.  The hair rises on the back of my neck, I get goose bumps, I smile and laugh or sometimes tears well up in my eyes.  Good stories are like good songs in that they ease in from the periphery, capture your attention, and there’s a moment of instantaneous pleasure.  Mary Anne Moorman’s aka Auntmama story sketches are exactly like a good song.”

– Christine Linde, Americana Music Director

“I like the range that you cover – from the very personal stories about playing
with yo-yo’s to the wider picture of historical and political movements.
It feels very integrated and whole to me.”

                                                                                                                                  – Jill Seidenstein

What else is on this site?

Picture of bisquits, eggs, cooking pansRecipes of course. Auntmama’s family recipes come from England, Africa, and Scotland. And as the family grew in came the Cuban, Caribbean, Filipino recipes. So expect some recipes from the heart of the South, Sydney, Senegal and wherever the kids go next. Auntmama wants to hear from your family recipes too!

And last but not least, Auntmama tells business stories. “I worked as a management consultant all over the world and the field still fascinates me. I want people to know about some of the wonderful things international corporations, utilities and grassroots organizations are doing,” she said adding “and I want managers to use stories for employees and customers. It was on business that I wrote fables and watched how well stories work to communicate complex ideas.”

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4 Responses to Home

  1. Kathya Alexander says:

    Aunt Mama, you’re the best!

  2. Auntmama was the emcee at the Bainbridge Bluegrass Festival when we played there. Not only did she come up to us before the show to meet us and find out who we were apart from the stale bio we provided, but she also crafted a wonderful story that wove together one of her childhood memories, a friend’s T-shirt and our band. What a gift she gave us and continues to give all her audience members. If you are looking for entertainment that spans the ages and touches your heart, listen to Auntmama’s stories and enjoy!!!

  3. A follower says:

    Where do I say how much I like this?

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